Episode #1 – The Introduction!

/ The introduction
/ die Einleitung

For all mobile phone users – please check out this video on Youtube!

6 Gedanken zu „Episode #1 – The Introduction!“

  1. Hello There,

    Welcome to the winery/video blogging world. I really look forward to seeing what you guys are going to be doing in Austria. Great approach – nice style and keep those videos coming. Cheers Sam Scarpari

  2. Well done on getting this out. I like your style, just tell how it is wihtout any gimmicks. I look forward to seeing some more videos.
    Alles Gute aus Barcelona!

  3. good goti.do you know my number the telephone?my number the telephone is 0040768465820.y forgot,your webpage is ok,the photo is beautiful.thank you!!!!!FLORIN.

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