Harvest 2018 is History Now!

Harvest 2018 is in the cellar! Everything chuckles and bubbles as it should – spontaneously, of course.

Even if I have to look a little bit wistfully on the 2018 harvest. With up to 70% hail damage, the winemaker’s heart hurts a little. But what in the cellar is fermenting, chuckling and bubbling, tastes great :-) // Nevertheless, this year I had to stretch out my antennae again and bought grapes. This is not so easy as an organic farm in Styria. I got Welschriesling and Blaufränkisch. The Welschriesling is expected to be presented in 2019 (from June, July). When Blaufränkisch from the top location “the old wine mountain” (from the AWGB, as I call it) you have to wait at least 2 years until these wines come into the bottle.

Tip: For all, who do not know the wines of Herrenhof – they are among other things here >

In this sense, I remain with best regards,
Gottfried Lamprecht

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