Zalto glasses, dreams are not ten a penny.

Zalto Glass

Zalto Glass

Normally I do not make any advertisement about other products. But Zalto, these glasses are totally great! They are pure handcraft, with a great design, functionality and let the wines truly “speak”. By grabbing the glas you can feel how filigree this product is. Easy and fruity wines are afraid of oxygen, they need small glasses. But on the other side bigger ones make wine drinking more interesting. Even Pinot Blanc 2010 likes Zalto’s burgundy glasses. The Buchertberg wines need them even more. On Zalto’s website they say that only wines with high alkohol levels are perfect for these kind of big volume glasses. That’s not true, it depends how much depth and density a wine has. As of now we can taste my wines in our old wine cellar with Zalto Denk’Art burgundy style glasses.

Zalto’s official webpage

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  1. Ja, ich mag diese Gläser auch sehr. 

    Meine Weine zum Beispiel trinke ich alle aus diesem feinen Burgunderglas! Denn da fühlt er sich wohl :-)

  2. Mein Lieblingsglas. :-) Es gibt wenig, was darin nicht noch besser würde. Tolle Iidee, dieses Glas als Verkostungsglas im Keller zu verwenden. lg dieweinpresse

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