Buchertberg Verjus

100 years before: nobody knew citrus fruits, but the people liked it “sour” in their kitchens too.

In France always known as Verjus (french: „vert jus“ a/k/a „green juice“) for using it in the kitchen, only older people know about Agrest (its former name). Used everywhere the same: to add acidity but without the sharpness of vinegar. This wonderful product is available at the Herrenhof. Very much milder as citric acid, with indication of origin, vegan, free of histamin and low in calories. And because we do not filter our Buchertberg Verjus, it’s much more intense. We have nothing to say against citrus fruits, but Verjus fits petter to more dishes and has not been transported around the world before. That’s the theory, but now to practical stuff: if you are interested in a culinary seminar about verjus, grab your telephone or write an email to me. I am going to call you back just after I’ve been to the vineyard and at the latest I’ve finished lunch. In the meantime, if you want to experiment a little bit (with it), you can already order Buchertberg Verjus here: