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The Herrenhof Charta – wines made by hand…

Nowadays winegrowing is very uniform and unexpressive. In this case I decided to make my own regulations, something like a quality certificate. Natural wine growing and the origin is the most important. I call it the HERRENHOF CHARTA – this means following self-imposed rules. The qualtity certificate brings more transparency into the whole production process (the vineyard and cellar work). You as the consumer should know how and where we grow our wines.

The Herrenhof Charta:

1. Grapes only come from the Buchertberg Vineyard (origin guaranteed)
2. Plant protection and soil managment by certified organic production rules
3. Maximum yield 45 hl/ha
4. The caracteristics of the vineyard and vintage HAS to be in the wine.
5. Fermentation with indigenous yeast from the vineyard, earliest bottling in april next year, the wine will be on market at june 1st. (yeast nutrients just when wine stops fermentation)
6. No additives including aromas, sulphur in small amount, no concentration of must or wine, no spinning cone collumn
7. Back to the roots by using traditional wine growing technics: like long yeast contact and as possible unfiltrated bottling.
8. Maintainence and advancement of soil fertility and soil life in the vineyard. I deliberately renounce any esotericism that has become modern in viticulture. Surely you know what I mean.
9. Advancement of the vineyard diversity (animals and plants)
10. 100% free of genetic engineering

This charta is also available as a .pdf file>