Here at the Herrenhof I tell you stories about wine. Every wine is different, they are far away from mainstream and tell you about the vineyard, the soil, if it was dry and hot, or not. Those wines are a part of my personality. They also tell about people which took effect, about the year, hard work and handcraft. I want to invite you to listen to them.

All wines are fermented in wooden barrels, or at the red wines, in open top fermentors. Because of this natural and spontaneous fermentaton, the wines become more demanding, but gain enormously through bottle maturity. You should consider that!

Vielen Dank,
Gottfried Lamprecht


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CdH = Crémant de Herrenhof (available from december 2019)
WB17 = Sand & Lime 2017     >datasheet
SB17 = Sauvignon blanc Silt & Gravels 2017     >datasheet
FU17 = Furmint of Sandstones 2017     >datasheet
GBr16 = Sand & Kalk Reserve 2016     >datasheet
BBW16 = Buchertberg White 2016     >datasheet
PNr17 = Pinot Noir Rosé 2017     >datasheet
BBR16 = Buchertberg Rot 2016     >datasheet

BBOTS16 = Buchertberg On The Skins 2016     >datasheet (soon online)
PETE NAT = Méthode Ancestrale     >Datenblatt (soon online)


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Wine & food:
All our wines match perfectly to food. We work very reluctant and natural in the vineyard and cellar. That’s the way to archive wines which are unique, never exchangeable and match perfect to food.