Schülerinnen-Projekt der HAK Feldbach

Im Jahr 2009 haben Schülerinnen der HAK (Handelsakademie) Feldbach zusammen mit mir ein Marketingprojekt gestartet. Das Projekt an sich ist die Qualifikation zur anschließenden Matura. Die Schülerinnen Manuela Donnerer, Gloria Zach, Lisa Maitz, Melanie Harb … Weiterlesen


Do you know what Opok soil is? It’s a type of tertiary soil, which is very common on our site Buchertberg. It maybe comes from the slovenian language and means clay or marl. If you … Weiterlesen

Episode #5 – Buchertberg

/ About our site Buchertberg / Über unsere Lage Buchertberg For all mobile device users: here is the Youtube Link! This Episode is dedicated to our site Buchertberg. Its one of the, even if not … Weiterlesen

Snapshots #2

Vinifera vines love lime – this is a bizarre lime formation found in our drainage pipes. On the Buchertberg limy sandstones got washed out by rain and the lime gathers in the pipes then. Conclusion: … Weiterlesen

Project Weingartenpfirsich

/the vineyard peach tree project /Projekt Weingartenpfirsich Vineyards today are much more different as 60 years ago. Between the vine rows farmers culitvated fruit trees (for example vineyard peach trees), vegetables and stuff. To get … Weiterlesen

Snapshots #1

This is part one of the new snapshot series! the flowering of hazelnut bushes is a indicator of the beginning of spring die Haselnussblüte ist ein Indikator für den Frühlingsbeginn Say Cheese! a bat (threatened … Weiterlesen

DAC & Steiermark

/ about the DAC appellation system and about Styria / über das DAC Herkunftssystem und die Steiermark You might heard about the DAC (Districtus Austriae Controllatus) appellation system here in Austria. There are already some … Weiterlesen

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